Legal Inside offers a new alternative — the advantages of corporate and external attorneys, without the disadvantages.
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Legal Inside

Legal Inside recruits your Inside Team.

Your business will benefit from a team of lawyers rather than one attorney.

Legal Inside is insourcing without employment.


Legal Inside.

Customized alternative

Customized to your business, we will recruit a team of Inside Lawyers headed by a Chief Attorney. Once your requirements and needs have been determined, the process will be made in close collaboration with you and our recruitment partner.

The Inside Team matches your culture and has commercial, legal insight and experience in relevant business areas. Together with the business’ management and other employees, the team will be fully competent to make the right decisions, and the team is always available. Even if your need for assistance only requires the engagement from one attorney, when hiring a team, you achieve a unique combination of competences and resources. In our opinion, this will add value to your business. Legal Inside ensures that any excess capacity of the Inside Lawyers is distributed. This way, costs are kept at a minimum.

The Team will be a part of your day-to-day business and corporate culture as trusted employees in your business. 

We also offer to supplement or take over the responsibility of existing legal departments. Employees in the department continues to be located at your premises – but are employed by Legal Inside at a lower cost.

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Flexible sharing

The established annual budget with Legal Inside is lower than the usual budget for legal assistance provided by a law firm or employment of internal business lawyers. This is because Legal Inside composes a permanent, but flexible, team of inside lawyers. 

If your need for assistance changes you can rearrange your team. Accordingly, your total need for legal assistance is covered by Legal Inside at a lower and more predictable cost which is agreed upon in the beginning of the collaboration.

External insourcing

In our experience, many businesses seek to reduce external assistance. Firstly, external assistance is at great cost. Secondly, internal decision-makers are valued higher. Businesses therefore seek recruitment of internal manpower but are often faced by the challenge that all required qualifications and resources cannot be found in one lawyer.
When collaborating with Legal Inside, the business achieves an individually recruited team of trusted employees. Legal Inside is insourcing without employment at a low cost with all knowledge based in the business”. 

mette gade, ceo

The Inside Lawyer 

Our in-house lawyers are well versed in the role of commerce lawyers. They are trained by experts such as the heads of legal departments, lawyers and CEOs. As such they have commercial insight and access to a wide network of highly trained experts with whom they can seek advice.

Legal Inside offer legal services in a new way. Therefore, we provide professional development and exciting business experience that can only be achieved through us.

The advantages of corporate and external attorneys, without the disadvantages.


Ekspertisen og fleksibiliteten
fra advokathusene, med
fordelene fra in-house.

The Process

Four simple steps to set up your own Inside Team. 



We assist you in determining and identifying your need for legal services and designing candidate profiles that perfectly match the required qualifications.



We initiate and complete the recruitment process to find the best candidate with the assistance of professional headhunters. We take into consideration both the individual profile and the team as a whole.



We employ the team in Legal Inside and provide the Team with intensive training as business lawyers before take-off.



The Inside Lawyers will be settled in your business and becomes an integral part of the very same. The Chief Attorney heads the Team, and everyone receives training by our experts on an ongoing basis.

Meet the people behind

Kent Vinhardt Josephsen — Partner @ Legal Inside


Vinhardt Josephsen

Over the past 20 years, I have been engaged in commercial, legal aspects as an integrated part of the day-to-day business in my capacity as Head of legal departments in both Danish and international businesses. The value of legal assistance is achieved if the lawyers are accessible to the entire organisation and, at the same time, understands which context the assistance must match. A new shared employee integrated into the business is a solution which has not been previously available.

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Mette Gade — CEO @ Legal Inside



Outsourcing is a part of the everyday life in many industries. Through many years’ experience in the financial sector, as Head of +100 employees, I have gained profound insight into the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, insourcing and optimisation measures. It is not an easy decision to place all (or part of) the responsibility of the business operation in the hands of others. However, if the business partner is the right match, the process is much smoother. At the same time, the right efficiency is a necessary focus area. In my experience, continuous development of employee satisfaction and good management will result in greater productivity and thereby create an improved bottom line in the business.

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Ulrik Fleischer-Michaelsen — Partner @ Legal Inside



20+ years’ experience as Equity Partner in large law firms has taught me that many assignments are best solved in collaboration with the business’ legal and commercial departments. However, limitations in resources and qualifications often imply that the attorney must handle a heavier assignment than necessary. External advisers can only recommend and not make decisions on behalf of the business. They do not have the same direct access across the organization and do not know the business and informal environment. This can be solved more efficiently through a combination of in and outsourcing.

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Thomas Koefoed Hjorth — Partner @ Legal Inside


Koefoed Hjorth

In my capacity as CEO in international groups and board member in companies in Denmark and abroad, I have for many years collaborated with both external attorneys and in-house legal departments. Business lawyers must be competent to make commercial decisions with the management but do not comprise all qualifications and resources. Attorneys have expert knowledge and flexibility but are costly and it does, on the other hand, still require resources in the business when taking decisions. We clearly need a model which combines the advantages of both sides and eliminates the disadvantages.

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